Publication Ethics

Authorship and change in authorship

An author should have a substantial contribution in the framework of research to be carried, designing the methodology, selection of appropriate statistical tool and interpretation of data, etc. critical revision is also one of the criteria for authorship. The author should be accountable for the questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work. The responsibility of investigating the conflicts and resolving them is also a part of authorship.

Submission of Manuscript

Authors should prepare the manuscript according to the specifications given on the Author instruction. All manuscripts submitted through the appropriate channel will be entertained for review. Manuscripts sent to the editor’s email should not be accepted.

Authors listed on the manuscript should have met the requirements for Authorship specified above. Without final acceptance from the corresponding author, no manuscript will be published. Once the document is submitted to our journal, it is expected that all the authors were accepted and they will bound to the terms and conditions of the journal. The contact information of all authors and Declaration of Conflicts of Interest should be stated in the manuscript.

Manuscript Withdrawal Policy

Once the corresponding author is confirmed to withdraw the submitted article, same has to communicate with the editor in chief by e-mail. A manuscript withdrawal form will be sent to the author’s email in return in which all the respective authors should sign and express their interest for withdrawal. Once we get a withdrawal request from the corresponding author the article processing will be stopped, and no processing charge will be collected from the author if the duration was 07 days after submission.

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts may be due to personal reasons, financial relationships or academic competitions. It may be due to intellectual passion also. Whatever the reason for conflicts of interest, the credibility of the journal, author and science itself will be influenced from null to high potential. These influences may affect the scientific judgment of the research carried. It is very important to disclose the conflicts of interests which occurred during the process of research. This will help the evaluators, critics, and readers to understand the situations.

Research and Publication Misconduct

SVU-IJER follows the guidelines provided by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) for dealing with research and publication misconduct. Duplicating existing publication, high level of copy in plagiarism, fraudulent or fabricated data, changes in authorship, not disclosing a conflict of interest, research without ethical clearance can be listed under research and publication misconduct. However, in suspected cases of misconduct, a manuscript may be revealed to members of the Academic Journals’ ethics committee and institutions/organizations that may require it for the resolution of the misconduct.

Role of Plagiarism Committee

All the submitted articles are initially scanned for plagiarism. Upon completion of the plagiarism scan, they analyze the quality of the manuscript and report to the editor, after which the manuscript gets assigned for the review process. A plagiarism report is created which is emailed to the author along with a review report. The committee looks into plagiarism related issues and deals with them according to COPE guidelines. 


Acknowledgment should cover the persons other than those who climes authorship, especially Individuals who worked for manuscript development, funding agency or persons who provided resources, Organizations that provided support for the smooth run of the research.


SVU-IJER will not disclose any research paper submitted to it. Once the original research after proper registration in any clinical registry or scientific agency, submitted to SVU-IJER will be treated as most confidential material and maintaining its confidentiality is our responsibility. We will share the article with manuscript developers, reviewers and editors in various stages of processing after the submission is confirmed.